Wanjiru waweru


Thank you for coming to my personal style blog. I’ve always been a big fan of creating style journals & now I’ve decided to share it with you.

My objective: Addiction ,Love, Fashion, Shoes, Colors, New and Old trends.

I don’t claim to know everything about fashion;I just have a deep intense love for it. I’ve always believed that style is incredibly personal, it is a place where I believe there are no rules. Its all about feeling good about yourself.

I feel good about myself and I would like to share my secrets. How I put my outfit together, where I get my touch and I would like this love I have for fashion inspire you. There’s nothing like swinging that favorite handbag over your shoulders, or that ecstatic feeling when an outfit comes together perfectly.

With that said I look forward to sharing my thoughts on style with you & I hope to learn a little something from you guys in return.

Be sexy, feel sexy and look sexy. Welcome to Mutefashions





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