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My biggest fans, allow me to jet back with a bhang. Receive my apologies for being away. All in all, my absence brought with immense joy and happiness into my life. I wouldn’t have asked for better fruit of my womb than my lil man (nothing beats this feeling,it’s beyond beautiful. Happy mother’s day to all moms out there). He will be gracing the scenes soon and you’ll all fall in love with my charming champ. I look forward to revamping our mutual and forever blossoming relationship.
Thank you for your forever unwavering support.


" Unique & Different is the next Generation of Beautiful"


Well, moving on to the business of the day. We are all about Ankara again. With every new season comes a new wave of creativity, trends, fashion and style.

The Ankara styles are really fascinating; the fabric itself has slowly but steadily became versatile enough to be found in the office, at events or be worn casually.

I styled this gorgeous piece with a pink polo shirt, nude heels and a nude statement handbag completed my look.

Are you bold enough to rock this outfit in the office

What your thoughts on this look? kindly do let me know on the comment box below.


Outfits Details:

Skirt  : Koki Designs  Shoes : Instyle Shoes Photography by  Nga'sh sage Photography 


Trust you enjoy reading & like always, Thank you for stopping by.

Until next time.

Love & Love!!




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