Polka Affair: Style 2!

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Today is the best day of the week, it being Friday makes it even more interesting. Hey people, hows your Friday so far? trust y’all having a polite one just like me. With that said lets get straight to business of the day, haha!. Well, today am talking about a post I did few weeks ago with  abit of styling difference.

Love the kimono trend but never looks right when you try it or you just don’t know how to add it to your dressing? This trend (kimono) can be a difficult one to pull off, because you can wear it  and be looking like you just threw a bathrobe or just got out of bed.

Kimonos fits all irrespective of your size or shape. A major figure forgiving cloth which gives an instant chic look. Whatever it is being worn with is one of the fashionable thing about them. Kimonos come into 2 forms: Full coverage which is long and the mini or midi dress style which goes just a few inches below your hips or few inches above ankles.

"The red kimono tells it all-the bitterness and pain as well as the joy, pride and patriotism of a people too resilient to be beaten by racism"

- Sandra Dallas


This trend can actually be incorporated into different settings. For work setting, it can be worn as an alternative to a blazer and still look chic as long as it is neatly tailored. stick to a simple or block color that can be easily mixed into your work wardrobe. For casual setting, can be worn with a simple tank top, crop tops, bralettes on a short or jeans, or a mini dress/ skirt.

I styled my mini polka dress from Sasa Mall with this gorgeous red kimono which I bought online, Pair of white Fenty puma and a white sling bag to complete the look. ( A pair of stilettos is also perfect for this look)

What are yours thoughts on this look? Lets interact on the comment box below.

Outfits Details:

Dress: Sasa mall  Kimono : Online  Shoes: Mutefashions Photography by Nga'sh sage Photography


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